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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Katrina's share

A FAN of Katrina Halili wrote us to say Marian Rivera should not be the only one who gets credit for the success of “Marimar.”

“We’re sure Katrina Halili has also contributed something to the show that’s why it’s watched by a lot of viewers,” says Diego Gentes. “Each time she wears a bikini, all the male viewers make it a point to watch the show because of her. As for Marian, she has yet to wear a sexy bikini in the show. As Angelika Santibanez, Katrina is also very effective and really sizzles in her villainous role.”

Lately, we’ve noticed it’s not only Katrina who dons sexy swimsuits in the show but also Cristine Reyes as Kim Chan, the seductress who tries to snatch Dingdong Dantes away from Marimar. As such, the show has veritably become quite a contest between Katrina and Cristine even if they’re not the ones playing the title role. Will Marian later on also don a revealing and scanty swimwear to show she has what it takes to upstage both Katrina and Cristine. Let’s wait and see.


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