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Monday, November 06, 2006

Te Amo... Maging Sino Ka Man

GMA Pinoy TV is showing one of its classic soap operas "Te Amo... Maging Sino Ka Man". It's funny how they are finally showing it while TFC is showing it current soap "Maging Sino Ka Man". Too bad they are not showing it at the same time. I just wonder how out of all the possible OPM theme songs in the Philippines. ABS-CBN picked one from something that GMA already has used?

Oh well, but I remember this soap. This came out at the same time Marina was shown on TFC. Te Amo was supposed to be like the fairy tale story of Cinderella. ABS-CBN thought GMA was making a fantasy series. They created Marina before this soap even came out. It turns out Te Amo was just a regular series. But that's how all the "fantaserye" shows started. Did TFC really start it, or created it the thought GMA going to make one.


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