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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


LAST Sunday, we monitored both “The Buzz” on ABS-CBN and the premiere telecast of “Showbiz Central” on GMA-7. “The Buzz” went a bit overboard in its presentation of their so-called “evidences” delivered by the hosts with poker faced seriousness as if the stories they were presenting were of supreme national importance. It turned out that their video on Dennis Trillo was that just of a lookalike. What’s worse, Dennis himself has already denied this the day before in “Startalk”. The other evidence of a video showing Angelica Panganiban getting into Derek Ramsey’s car was “forcing through” and does not prove anything. As Angelica herself said: “Ihahatid lang niya ko pauwi”.

Their real scoop that day was the revelation that Uma Khouny has married a Filipina from Cavite even before he joined “Pinoy Big Brother.” Uma said he just wanted to help the woman who wanted to work in Israel. But what’s strange is that the woman is now threatening to sue him. The reason is not adequately explained. The other items in “The Buzz” are all part of a promo, like linking Oyo Sotto to Sarah Geronimo because they’re paired in “Pedro Penduko”, and the item on Regine-Piolo since they’re paired in the movie “Paano Kita Iibigin”. Their item on Gladys Reyes being an “ampon” is also passe as Gladys has also guested live in “Startalk” the day before to say it’s ridiculous.

But of course, one item they have, that their rival doesn’t, is their latest news on Kris Aquino and her baby as they left the Makati Medical Center. What’s noticeable in that story is that Kris’ hubby, James Yap, was not at all around. Someone said he’s working with his basketball team. But going home is such an important moment for Kris and their baby, so it’s obligatory for him to be there. Our source also told us Kris doesn’t call their son Baby James but plain Baby Boy. Does this mean she doesnt’ really want to utter his name at all? So why do they still live together? “Kasi may contract sila sa isang bakeshop chain. Its latest commercial projects them as a loving couple. When it was shot, maayos pa ang pagsasama nila. Tapos, pumutok nga ‘yung Hope issue, kaya ngayon lang naipalabas.”

As for “Showbiz Central,” it has a very classy set. There were many segments given to new host Raymond Gutierrez. The problem is he keeps on speaking in English and this no doubt alienated the masa viewers. No wonder they still didn’t get to top the ratings of “The Buzz” in their maiden telecast. Their much-touted Central Jury (composed of Arnell Ignacio, DJ Mo and talent manager Shirley Kuan) was also not fully utilized. When they were grilling their guests, host John Lapus had more questions to the stars than them as some jurors don’t seem to be fully updated about the issues that concern their guests.


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