Kapuso Mo Sa Bawat Tagumpay Ng Buhay!: Atlantika

Kapuso Mo Sa Bawat Tagumpay Ng Buhay!

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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Aquano has a mission on land. He must leave his underwater home and set forth in the land of humans. His first stop is Luli. It is here that a young Elisa sees Aquano’s face just beneath the surface of the water. Amaya gives a shell to Armando that she found while in Luli with Elisa. Armando begins to believe that Atlantika is real. Armando’s gills, webbed hands and feet come out and Amaya sees it. In an exciting turn of events, Armando and Amaya find themselves fleeing for their lives on a small boat. Their pursuers try to set the boat on fire. And just as the two think their lives are lost, Aquano saves them. He brings them to a hidden island where one of them will begin their journey towards Atlantika. Don’t miss this exciting first week of GMA’s newest offering! Catch Atlantika weeknights after Mar’s Ravelo’s Captain Barbell.


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